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Lighting Design Consultancy

Garden Landscape Lighting Somerville

Need garden landscape lighting? LIGHTING LEADERS is at your service. Please call us for an initial consultation.

We Are Committed to Providing You with the Best of Services

If you are a professional landscaper and need garden landscape lighting for your client, don't hesitate to call LIGHTING LEADERS. Our company offers an extensive range of lighting solutions, ranging from interior products such as chandeliers, pendants, lamps to outdoor lights for your porch, alfresco, garden, landscape and driveway. Our lighting fixtures allow you, as contractors , designers, architects or professional landscapers to create a beautiful and modern lighting solution for your clients. The latter will keep thanking you for the amazing work.

We, at LIGHTING LEADERS, have over 25 years of experience in the field. In addition, we can also handle all of your lighting problems. Pick up your phone and contact us now! Residents of Somerville are most welcome.